Together we create solutions
for your business

Ingredients and packaging
for foods and Health Care



All ingredients in
a single location


Customised packaging solutions

ProCera cheese wax

For protection and highlighting of your cheese

Procudan Blends

Precise blends and a stronger value chain

Customer cases

We have customers in many industries. The companies range from new startups to strong SMEs to international enterprises with a presence in several places in Scandinavia.


3 strong cases are


Need inspiration for your daily operations and for business development? 

Our customers world is not simple kunders verden er ikke enkel and linear. It is often complex and multidimensional.

That’s why our daily work includes keeping abreast of industry developments and keeping a keen eye on changing trends. 

We maintain a knowledge base of insights into market developments and refresh it constantly by adding analyses and expert tips and information about exciting and inspiring trends. 

Focusing on four goals

At Procudan, we have decided to work on four of the UN Global Goals.

To work on each goal, we take on specific initiatives and apply our resources to making a difference.


Do you want to join our team?

For us, passion and thriving at work are closely related. We want the goal of such a supportive environment to be clearly visible in everything we do.

Find out more about what it is like to work for Procudan and keep your eye on whether we are looking for new colleagues.

We deploy these core competences every time we work
with our clients to help them develop value:

  • Business understanding

  • Business development

  • Busines security

Networks co-create value

Many years of experience have given Procudan a deep professional expertise regarding ingredients and packaging. But we do not know everything.

That is why we have built up an extensive network of strategic partnerships and suppliers. Every single partner is a specialist in precisely his field.

We keep you up to date

We continually provide updates about our projects, our great partnerships and even our daily goings-on.


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