Our approach

Business understanding, business development and business security

It is our core competencies that we put into play every time we co-create value.

We are proactive to give our customers an experience that exceeds expectation. Sustained attention to developments and shifting trends is the only means of getting and keeping our advantage. It lets us make appropriate decisions and transform ideas, words, and plans into specific actions ensuring that we keep or expand that advantage. Preferably before the need becomes pressing. 

Proactivity is the basis of our very special approach and method. That’s why we developed a unique overall with the goal of managing and optimising our customers’ supply.

We want to be the best at -  in cooperation with our customers and suppliers - developing unique solutions and value that exceeds expectations.

We know that no two customers are alike, and we always strive to understand the challenges and see the possibilities from the perspective of our collaboration partners. When we succeed, together we develop valuable and sustainable solutions making a positive and impactful difference.

Our approach adds and frees up resources in our customers' daily lives

This can be in the form of additional sourcing competencies, less administration of suppliers, usable knowledge of markets and trends, flexible warehousing and production capacity, customized logistics and risk management of critical raw materials with a focus on security of supply.

All deliveries are covered by high quality standards and documentation and are easy to find on our customer portal My Procudan.


Co-creating value means

It is simply a matter of co-creating value, and we can do that in many ways.

It always starts with the right questions, the shared plan combined with the intent and ability to back them up with action. It lies deep in our approach and mindset.

Creating something unique can sound ambitious. And that’s deliberate.

We go to work each day to win. Whether our victories are big or small, we know that they come from the good cooperation in the many teams in which we are a part.

A competent team for each and every task

It is important to us that we know our customers – and their customers.

Together, we assemble the right team for the task at hand. We involve specialists from our strong network when needed, providing expertise in a range of areas, from formulations, trends and process optimisation to technological integration or food safety. The right team ensures the right solution.

Procudan’s Supply Service is the heart of Procudan. And once the assignment has been executed, this is where daily operations are anchored, ensuring close relations to our customers’ key personnel to simplify everyday tasks. Get an overview at My Procudan.