Our approach

Adds and frees up resources

Business understanding, business development and business security. It is our core competencies that we put into play every time we co-create value.

Our approach adds and frees up resources in our customers' daily lives. This could be for example via:

  • additional procurement competencies
  • less administration of suppliers
  • flexible storage and production capacity
  • customized logistics
  • risk management of critical raw materials focusing on securing supplies
  • high-quality standards and documentation
  • technology like our customer portal My Procudan

Knowledge sharing and new trends forecast is also part of our business foundation. We bring creative and competent R&D capabilities from our international partner network, and project resources for operation and implementation. This way, we partner with our customers in both optimizing existing food products and developing new ones.

We develop solutions which are based on

Easy administration

Service and monitoring in one place

No two customers are alike. Whether our customers need day-to-day deliveries or delivery of large consignments straight from the manufacturer, the solution is always customised to the customer’s needs and preferences. Contracts with us ensure the agreed volume at the agreed price.

Our Supply Service handles all coordination, simplifying life for customers and guaranteeing correct deliverables with the option of peak storage.This enables our customers to reduce the risk of liquidity issues in stocks and of production interruptions.

Relevant technology

Make everyday life easier

Our customer portal, My Procudan, is our online meeting place with access to several functions and services that will make your everyday life easier.

As a customer, you can become part of our online community today. Here you get, among other things, an overview of your contracts, orders and quality documentation.

Flexible solutions for logistics and warehousing

Flexibility provides better flow and more space

Handling of food products requires attention to safety. Our level of food safety, GFSI certified, guarantees full traceability, documentation, and compliance with all relevant regulations.

Our food warehouses, with refrigeration units, are used only for food storage, and bottling of liquid foods takes place in our customised bottling room. We are highly experienced in handling all types of products according to relevant regulations. This applies to organic, kosher, halal, and conventional foods, as well as to allergens, with all products being handled, stored, and transported according to the relevant requirements or regulations.

Products can also be delivered directly from our partner network.

Expanded sourcing

Efficient and responsible purchasing

Our network of strategic partners and producers includes carefully selected entities based on ethics, sustainability, and social responsibility. We ensure that all collaborations adhere to our Code of Conduct, and we strive for sustainable solutions that meet or exceed the expectations of our customers.

All entities in the Procudan supply chain are subject to repeat audits, evaluations, and measurements according to set goals. Firm policies and mandatory processes are a fundamental element in sourcing at Procudan.

We apply a risk based process in which partners and producers are categorised, for example according to food safety and quality level and the degree to which they are critical for our activities. Contracts with us guarantee an agreed volume and an agreed price based on your needs and expectations for annual call offs.

Collaboration yielding value

A competent team for each and every task

It is important to us that we know our customers – and their customers. Together, we assemble the right team for the task at hand. 

We involve specialists from our strong network when needed, providing expertise in a range of areas, from formulations, trends and process optimisation to technological integration or food safety. The right team ensures the right solution.

Security with the highest food safety

Simple, straightforward, and safe

We do not compromise on food safety. We know the challenges and consequences that occur in its absence. Food safety is a fundamental prerequisite, and we take that responsibility seriously.

We operate at the highest levels of food safety. The standards are approved by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), guaranteeing that products from Procudan comply with all regulations and requirements for food safety and quality control.

Timely and relevant risk management

Timely risk management in a changing world

The only constant is change. What we consider a sure thing today may have changed by tomorrow. Priorities may change in a moment, and new challenges and risks may appear. That is why risk management is a key element in the daily work at Procudan, based on our constant monitoring and evaluation of the markets for raw materials. Known and potential threats require insight and proactive work to secure the supply and give our customers a stable flow of deliveries.

Each country issues its own regulations, not all of them logical. When products are subject to customs and excise taxes, the administrative work to keep track of new rates and specific product related regulations – often changing on short notice – can be significant. Quotas and minimum import prices entail the need for specialised knowledge, and we help our customers organise the purchasing so that it always adheres to current law.

Valuable business development

Stay ahead of the curve

Some trends disappear quickly while others grow to become huge international trends. That offers new opportunities for growth as well as new ways of doing business. Here, constant attention must be paid to necessary adjustments in processes, priorities, and emphasis. 

At certain times, business development arises from major strategic decisions. At other times, development occurs on a smaller scale. No matter where ideas, initiatives, and activities arise during daily operations, they make a big difference if there is room for them to come to fruition.

Here at Procudan, we believe that business development begins with a natural curiosity and good questions. That’s how we achieve a joint plan and then add the will and the ability to back it up with action.