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Nature’s own treasure trove

The little white grains of salt are extracted from nature’s own treasure trove, making it an all-natural ingredient. With its unique characteristics, salt enhances the taste of foods and complements the other nuances in the product.

Sea salt, rock salt or vacuum salt?

Our range of salt types are sourced from many different origins and vary in taste, purity and mineral content. The grain sizes have different solubilities, which has an effect on the taste experience and how the end product is used.

Salt has been known for centuries. In addition to adding taste, it also serves as a preservative, extending the shelf-life of the product. We work with our customers to select the right solution – including the right packaging for the end product.

Saltwell® – a unique product

If you want an end product with a lower sodium content without compromising on taste and consistency, Saltwell® is the solution.

Saltwell® is sea salt with a naturally low sodium content, providing unrivalled flavour with no after taste. It can be substituted for salt one-to-one and is ideal in a wide range of foods. We work closely with our customers and always find the best salt solution to suit any need and end product

We are ready to assist and advise

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