Customised packaging solutions

Customised your individual needs and requirements

Your needs are always our point of departure. Our discussions with you always start by clarifying what you want and what you need from your packaging. Perhaps you already have an existing packaging solution that you need to replace, or you have a new project or design that needs to get off to a good start.

Regardless of the starting point, we only develop packaging solutions that take into account your unique conditions. We do this because we understand that high value solutions always take into consideration a long list of direct and indirect packaging requirements.

We are ready to assist and advise

If you have any questions about the products or you are interested in finding out how we can help you to develop, please use the telephone number below or email our sales department using the form below.


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Security from start to finish

We endeavour to give you a good customer experience, from the first point of contact to the final purchase of packaging solutions.


We think that it is important to give you insights into the purchasing process right from the start, so you know what you will be involved with. We have therefore visualised the purchase process for you. We are of course ready to answer any questions you may have about the purchasing process.

Many packaging possibilities

We customise your packaging in






Big Bags

We always take into account

Every industry is unique and our more than 120 years of experience is broad ranging.

The various conditions and requirements that apply will vary, depending on whether packaging is used for food, pet food, non-food or health care products.

Our packaging solutions always take into account, by way of minimum:

  • the product’s characteristics
  • optimal product protection
  • packaging method
  • transportation requirements
  • preferred print, surfaces and finishes
  • volume, weight and robustness
  • construction and design
  • open/close functionalities


Highest level of food safety

You can always rest assured that we and our Procudan Partners always live up to the highest food safety standards. These standards are approved by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), guaranteeing that our packaging complies with all food safety and quality control regulations and requirements.

  • BRC

  • FSSC 22000

  • ISO 22000:2018

Can your packaging solutions can be improved?

Strength, barrier and usability must be in order when packing goods. Needs analysis and tests form the basis of all packaging choices, and often a good design lasts a long time.


But to keep up with requirements and new expectations, the packaging solutions must be continuously optimized and rethought.


We offer a free review of your packaging solutions, where we provide qualified advice and guidance on how to make the solutions better.


Procudan Partnere

We have a network of Europe's most skilled packaging manufacturers, so we are always able to provide the solution you are looking for.


We are ready to assist and advise

Call our sales department or fill in the form and we will get in touch.

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Account Manager

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