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We think that it is important to give you insights into the purchasing process right from the start, so you know what you will be involved with. We have therefore visualised the purchase process for you. We are of course ready to answer any questions you may have about the purchasing process.

Big bags are a clever and efficient solution

Big bags are considered one of the most ideal and cost-effective packaging solutions for manufacturing, transport and storage of high-volume products.

Big bags make it easy to efficiently store, handle and transport large volumes and to optimise production flow, for instance because they can be emptied easily and completely depending on the chosen design. 

For foods, we manufacture GFSI certified big bags, and naturally they are approved for food contact. Different emptying and filling options ensure safe and efficient handling. UN certification and surface treatment for static electricity are among the many safety options available.

We deliver big bags for foods, pharmaceuticals and feed.

A design for every need

Big bags can be assembled in many ways and there are a multitude of options for customization.

Based on volume and content, we develop customised solutions for foods, pharmaceuticals, feed and end products of a more technical nature.



Big bags are more than just packaging

There are many ways to market your business. Big bags can be one of them.

Logos and print on big bags can increase the visibility and awareness of your brand.

We delivers big bags tailored to the customer’s needs, with the possibility of print on multiple sides in the desired colour and size.

We are ready to assist and advise

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