Agrana Stärke

Agrana Stärke are specialists in both organic and conventional starch products. Based on a broad product range and deep market knowledge, Agrana Stärke develops jointly with Procudan solutions for both the food industry, baby food, pharmaceticals and health care.

Strong organic portfolio

Since 1988, Agrana Stärke has been producing high quality starch products. The product range covers both ingredients based on conventional starches and organic starch-based ingredients originating from the natural raw materials - potato, corn, waxy corn and wheat. Within ecology, all relevant product variants are manufactured. 

Through collaboration with international research, Agrana Stärke ensures continuous development in the portfolio, and combined with insight into consumer trends, solutions are created for, for example, clean labels and vegans. 

Agrana Stärke has extensive knowledge of the properties of starch-based ingredients and the impact on the end product. Whether the ingredient in question is intended to bind, improve, stabilize or strengthen the consistency, it is selected together with the customer according to what best suits the application.


High quality and documentation level

Through ISO and HACCP certifications and strict product and safety standards, Agrana Stärke ensures high quality in production. All products are delivered with a high level of documentation and full traceability.


Focus on resources and sustainability

Agrana Stärke aims to reduce energy consumption by 25% by 2025 and has initiated initiatives on complete resource utilization to reduce CO2 emissions.


Strong long-term cooperation

Procudan and Agrana Stärke have collaborated for many years, and as Leopold Schoenauer, Director Product Management & Category Management at Agrana Stärke states:

- AGRANA and Procudan look back on many years of a very successful cooperation. The close customer knowledge and profound market understanding of the Procudan team in combination with the product understanding of AGRANA are the foundation of business growth. The team-work of Procudan and AGRANA on organic and sustainable projects will lead to further business growth.

  Leopold Schoenauer
  Director Product Management & Category Management
  Agrana Stärke

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