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’Adding value to your supply chain’ is what we promise our customers.

But the world in which our customers operate is not simple and linear. It is often complex and multidimensional. That’s why our daily work includes keeping abreast of industry developments and keeping a keen eye on changing trends. In so doing we ensure that we work with you to create the most valuable solutions. 
Our history of over 120 years gives us a solid foundation of experience and expertise, one we have in common with our expert Procudan Partners. Applying that experience and expertise to your specific industry enables us to contribute significantly to your daily operations.

We maintain a knowledge base of insights into market developments and refresh it constantly by adding analyses and expert tips and information about exciting and inspiring trends. It’s all driven by our ambition to offer you something of interest and value.
We hope that it will serve to inspire you, and that you will be in touch with us to request additional details.


Five useful tips when optimising recipes

Written on 28.03.2023

Avoid making mistakes when optimising your food product recipes. We have been helping food companies with various optimi...

Secure supply in a troubled market

Written on 26.09.2022

Packaging: The turmoil in the world markets has made our global inter-dependence more visible and has caused some shifts...

3 areas to more sustainable packaging

Written on 06.09.2022

Are you unsure how to take the first steps towards more sustainable packaging? And are you finding it difficult to maint...

Update: Milk powder

Written on 22.10.2021

We keep you updated on the latest developments.

Obtain the perfect ice cream

Written on 01.09.2021

Ice cream should be pleasant, taste good and have fullness. The melting properties must match the end product, whether i...

Update: Sweeteners

Written on 18.08.2021

We keep you updated on the latest developments.

Update: Preservatives

Written on 01.06.2021

We keep you updated on the latest developments.

Update: Texturisers

Written on 11.05.2021

We keep you updated on the latest developments.

Insight: What will we eat in 2030?

Written on 14.11.2019

What characterizes the modern consumer, and what are the major trends that help determine what we put on the fork in 203...

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