We offer a comprehensive range of additives, each with their own purpose. Also known as excipients, additives can help improve shelf life and texture or add increased sweetness, acidity or simply enhance flavour. With a wide range of variants, there's plenty of opportunity to find the right additive to suit your final product.


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Additives: Security from start to finish

We endeavour to give you a good customer experience, from the first point of contact to the final purchase of additives. We think that it is important to give you insights into the purchasing process right from the start, so you know what you will be involved with. We have therefore visualised the purchase process for you.


Additives: That ekstra boost

Additives are considered helpful agents for good reason. Regardless of whether a product needs improved colour, shelf life, consistency, sweetness, tartness or just enhanced taste, additives can help.

We offers a wide range of additives which can help to optimise specific foods. We are experts in additives and can identify the exact type or combination to suit the end product.

Different types of additives

There are a large number of different additives, each of which contributes to optimizing the specific food.


They can be divided into six groups.







Colourful treats with the proper consistency

What would gummy bears be without colours? Or without their chewy bite? For most foods, colour and consistency are almost as big a part of the brand as their taste.

Colourings are added to many foods, either to enhance the colour or to compensate for a loss of colour. Like stabilizers and gelatine, texturisers can also be used to achieve a specific consistency. Texturisers and colourings can add substance and give foods a more appetising appearance.

We have a wide selection of colourings and texturisers, and we are experts in creating the desired end product, in terms of consistency as well as colour, while retaining the good taste.

When taste matters most

Sweet, sour, salt, bitter or spicy? Many foods are primarily characterised by their taste.


  • Sweeteners are very potent and even small amounts have a huge impact on the taste. Because they are used in small amounts, sweeteners also have no or very limited effect on the calorie content of the end product.
  • Flavourings are created to enhance a specific taste in a product, making them ideal for achieving the exact taste that characterises a particular product. 

We are experts in sweeteners and flavourings and can assist food manufacturers with finding the right type to achieve the desired taste in the end product.

Helping foods to keep their shape

Oxygen is necessary for all life – plants, animals and humans. However, oxygen can have a negative effect on foods.

Antioxidants counteract this effect. Antioxidants keep oil from turning rancid, meat from discolouring and cheese and wine from losing flavour. Similarly, antioxidants can regulate acidity to maintain the proper pH value in the end product. 

We have a wide range of additives that regulate acidity and counteract oxidation. And we work closely with our customers to find the right additive to complement the other elements in the end product.

Keeping foods tasting great for longer with additives

Traditional ways of extending the shelf life of foods involve salting, pickling or smoking. However, these methods can affect the taste of some foods. Today, preservatives get the job done.

Preservatives retain the taste and extend the shelf life of foods by preventing the growth of bacteria and fungi in foods. This makes it possible to enjoy the good taste for longer.

We are experts in foods and shelf life, and we can provide assistance with finding the solution that best improves shelf life without compromising on taste.

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