About us

Experts in ingredients and packaging

At Procudan, we are experts in ingredients and packaging, and we believe that value is co-created. We have a special capability and desire to learn about the business of our customers and partners.

With insight, respect, and a proactive approach, we are able to increase the efficiency and value of the whole process from farm to table. From raw materials to the finished product.

It is our mission that all customers experience that the value we develop together surpasses what we can individually. Value can take many forms and manifest itself in many ways. What some attach great value to does not matter to others. Therefore, our approach is that the best and most valuable solutions are developed together based on openness and deep mutual insight into each other's world.

We want to be the strategic development partner for our customers and suppliers. We do that by prioritizing solutions over products and value over price. That’s how we work together to develop the best and most valuable solutions.

A history of more than 120 years

A long story of value and cohesion

Ever since the company was founded in 1901, cohesion and value creation have been the focal point.

At that time, 175 Danish dairies joined forces to establish a joint procurement of raw materials and remedies. The collaboration was a great success with a membership that in the 1930s was as high as 1,500 registered dairies in Denmark.

Today, Procudan is a family-owned company with strong values, and we are proud of a history that goes so far back. Then as now, it is about bringing experience, knowledge, capabilities and willingness into play for the common good.

Values - what we believe in and work from

Co-creating value can only be done when we as individuals and as a company are rooted in a strong mindset and values.


Procudan's set of values is gathered in 4 sentences that serve as our guide in everything we say and do.


We are proactive to give our customers an experience that exceeds expectation

Sustained to developments and shifting trends is the only means of getting and keeping our advantage. 

It lets us make appropriate decisions and transform ideas, words, and plans into specific actions ensuring that we keep or expand that advantage. Preferably before the need becomes pressing.

We show respect in everything we say and do

At Procudan, respect involves awareness that everyone has a role to play and a contribution to make in the joint effort to co-create value. For us, having and showing respect is about being considerate in the truest sense of the word.

By taking into account what we each contribute, together we can create something.

We are efficient based on our ability to understand our customers

Effectiveness, for us, is making a difference and moving things along. We need to do the right things the right way at the right time.

This we can do when we are able to understand the world in which our customers, colleagues, and collaboration partners operate. We create a work environment in which passionate people thrive.


We create an environment in which passionate people thrive

For us, passion and thriving at work are closely related. Forward momentum and a supportive environment foster achievements, collectively and individually.

For Procudan, a work environment characterised by a thriving culture is a matter of allowing good ideas, solutions, and relationships to germinate and grow to become healthy and strong.