Cosun Beet

For more than 100 years, Cosun Beet has been producing granulated, processed, and liquid beet sugar. Cosun Beet specializes in beet sugar and works with Procudan to provide safe solutions for the food industry.

Ongoing development of a wide product range

Based on beet sugar, the product range from Cosun Beet includes granulated, processed, and liquid sugar ingredients. A wide range of particle sizes in granulated sugar meets the many requirements of the various food industries.

In 2017, Cosun Beet opened a research and development centre focusing on product development and process technologies. Knowledge and technology are continually applied to ensure that the product portfolio meets market needs.


A high level of food safety

ISO 22000 and HACCP are standards that ensure a high level of food quality, and the certifications cover production as well as the sugar beets themselves and thus the growers. The certification ensures that Cosun Beet, for example, is able to guarantee that the beets are not grown in polluted soil, that the correct amount of fertilizer is used, and that the beet seeds meet standards.


A sustainable ambition

Cosun Beet is working toward making sugar beet production a 100% circular process without waste. Currently, unused parts of the beets are used to make animal feed and biologically based products. New opportunities for reducing CO2 are continually discovered. The latest project involves paper packaging in which 20% of the raw material comes from sugar beet fibres. The fibres reduce the amount of wood pulp in the paper sacks.

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