100% natural cheese wax

ProCera® Natural now makes it possible to replace petrochemical cheese wax that has so far been the only option when maturing and packaging cheese. ProCera® Natural is a patented solution made only of natural ingredients, including beeswax.

  • New fossil-free cheese wax
  • Supports the natural narrative about a cheese and highlights it to the consumer
  • Suitable for current production methods. Requires no new machinery or equipment

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This is how we work with cheese wax

Where do the raw materials come from?

How can you reduce the layer thickness or wax consumption?

How can you optimize the production process or your profile?

Our clear and systematic approach helps you in all three areas as we work alongside you to develop your own unique ProCera® solution.

More than 120 years of experience

Ever since Procudan was founded in 1901 as “De Danske Mejeriers Fællesindkøb”, we have always been all about co-creating value by working together.

Our over 30 years of experience with cheese wax means that we possess unique expertise that we can bring to bear when working alongside our customers. We do this under the auspices of our ProCera® brand, which offers several unique solutions.

The global patent was developed in close collaboration with

At Procudan, we believe in co-creating value. Our new natural cheese wax was therefore developed in partnership with leading Scandinavian dairies and the Danish Technological Institute as our scientific partner.


Development was supported by Eurostars, Innovation Fund Denmark and the Business Hub Southern Jutland.

Suitable for current production methods

ProCera® Natural is designed to have the same characteristics as a traditional cheese wax; when it comes to protecting a cheese as it matures, during transportation and as a form of packaging that signals nature and quality when displayed on a shelf.

Dairies do not need to invest in new machinery. The new natural cheese wax is developed as a replacement for conventional cheese waxes in existing production facilities.

Security from start to finish

Our tried and tested processes ensure the best possible experience for your customers. This is how we co-create value.


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