ProCera Finish

The ProCera® Finish is an end surface coating, used either for the purpose of shining up the surface before shipping of the cheeses for sale, or as a transparent coating for cheeses covered in aluminium foil or labels.

  • The ProCera® Finish is characterised by its high transparency, structure and flexibility, which makes it easily usable as a finisher.
  • The ProCera® Finish emphasizes colours and decorations ensuring optimum marketing properties.

The ProCera® Finish supports in preventing damage to the cheese.

The product ensures a smooth shiny surface which emphasizes colours and decorations of the aluminium foil/label used for marketing of the cheese towards end-user.

Procudan recommend that this type of wax should never be exposed to temperatures higher than 140o C. Temperatures of 115o C to 130o C is recommended during processing. Please also refer to applicable Data Sheet.

Only available as transparent and un-coloured.

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