Procudan Blends

Precise blends and an even more effective value chain

Procudan Blends are precise blends that are repackaged directly for your production, which strengthens your value chain through a more secure and optimised production process. We guarantee great flexibility and the highest quality in every delivery.

All blends and repackaged products are:

  • Just-in-Time deliveries

  • Weighed and specially composed according to your exact requirements

  • Produced at the highest quality production plants

With Procudan Blends, you achieve greater capacity and flexibility in your production and warehousing. At the same time, direct, precise deliveries will reduce waste and the number of manual processes.

Blends for every requirement

We can mix powders, liquid solutions and repackage products to other packing types.


Mixing of ingredients to produce e.g. ice cream mix or baking mix.

Can also be used to make premix products such as milk powder or proteins.

Liquid solutions

Solutions of ingredients like salt, sweeteners or additives.

Ingredients can also be retapped.


Ingredients or blends are repackaged to packets in the right size and material.

From 0.5 gram to big bags.

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Your current processes are our point of departure

Procudan Blends are for those of you who are currently using the supply chain in various parts of your production process, and for those of you who are investigating your options to outsource one or more sub-processes.

Outsourcing today

Considering outsourcing

Outsourcing today

Flexible solutions according to your requirements

If you are already using an external supplier, you could also benefit from a customised Procudan Blends setup.

You should be aware that:

  • Our blending facilities ensure the highest possible food safety and quality standards. They are structured to use CIP cleaning processes to prevent contamination, as well as a very low impact transport system that is gentle to your ingredients, also during mixing.
  • Our production equipment is installed in halls with air conditioning to ensure stability of both temperature and humidity. This avoids seasonal challenges like static electricity and clumping.
  • All workflows are documented and follow fixed procedures in accordance with the ten-step production instructions that we agree with you before mixing begins.
  • We provide one total price, which, in addition to the price of the blend or repackaging, also includes what we agree upon on transport, storage and logistics.
  • It is possible to merge the solution with, for example, other forms of streamlining, such as sourcing of ingredients and packaging, as well as one of our customised logistics and warehousing solutions.
  • Our high standards for quality, documentation and food safety are a common thread through every aspect of our business and mean that you can safely entrust us to take care of your product. Take a look at our certifications.

Full security

Eliminate the risk of contamination with CIP cleaning

Stable environment

Always stable temperature and humidity

One total price

Avoid unforeseen costs

Considering outsourcing

Greater security and capacity for your production

Inviting suppliers all the way into your production process is a big step. However, moving parts of your production off site gives you greater capacity and more flexibility. 

You should be aware that:

  • Not only can Procudan Blends help you to solve specific challenges that you are facing right now, they can also help you to create opportunities and room to develop in the longer term.
  • An external blending partner allows you to achieve a simpler and more focused workflow in your own production. This means having to deal with fewer potential uncertainties, while also making it easier for staff to perform their tasks. All this allows you to safeguard and ensure your production flow.
  • Perhaps you could create a working environment where less heavy lifting is required and where new employees take less time to train. The simpler process will also be able to help you to avoid mistakes, while maintaining quality standards and achieving the best product uniformity.

Procudan Blends give you four benefits

Lower production risk

Make your production safer and more agile

  • Precise blends weighed to your exact requirements
  • Uniform quality all year round using full climate control
  • Clear production instructions and risk analysis for foreign objects
  • CIP cleaning prevents allergen contamination

Economic benefit

Use your resources properly

  • Just-in-Time deliveries mean having less stock tied up
  • Avoid expensive warehouse or production investments
  • Minimise the extra cost and waste caused by incorrect blends

Improved working environment

Make your production simpler and safer for your staff

  • Avoid errors by using batch-weighed units
  • Smaller package units eliminate the need for heavy lifting
  • Outsource processes that produce dust
  • Fewer manual tasks for shifting staff

Opportunities to add value

Generate development without having to accept compromise

  • Release space and increase your own production capacity
  • Gain the flexibility to create new products using your existing equipment
  • Optimise warehousing and logistics with variable warehouse workload

Finished blends ensure high quality and scalable ice-cream production

10 steps towards security

Our goal is to give you a good experience right from the start. We consider it to be important that you already now have insight into the steps that precede the start of mixing.

We are ready with help and advice

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Insights: Five useful tips when optimising recipes

Tip 3

A new recipe can optimise your entire manufacturing process

New recipes can necessitate production changes. And even though the time may be ripe for some changes, changes can still be met with resistance. New processes can also lead to unforeseen problems.


Conversely, an improved recipe can also benefit the manufacturing process. A new starch that sticks faster might shorten the production time. A single ingredient that replaces multiple ingredients can simplify complicated workflows.


Both would be a saving on your final product because of reduced fixed costs for energy etc. and because you have a stronger buffer against unforeseen costs such as from a faulty production run.


For the same reasons, it may be the rational choice for you to outsource parts of the production and mixing of ingredients. This shortens processing times in your own production facility and allows for greater focus, with fewer individual components, both in production and in the warehouse. Simplifying the production process also makes it easier for an ever-changing team of employees to weigh and dose complicated recipes.