ACG Capsules

ACG Capsules is a global company with the capacity to produce more than 120 billion capsules worldwide. The company is the market leader in customised solutions. The supreme quality of their products is documented for uniformity, traceability and purity. Procudan is ACG’s partner in Scandinavia. Together, we develop unique capsule solutions for customers in the medicines and dietary supplements industries.

Make it better

ACG Capsules is part of ACG Group, which, in addition to capsules, also produces packaging, manufacturing equipment and supplies services to the pharmaceutical industry.

The company was founded in Mumbai, India, in 1961. From the very outset, its mission statement was “to do it better”. This was not only in relation to the company’s own development and the needs of its customers, but ultimately also the expression of a desire that the people who need medicines should also be able to get better.

ACG currently has divisions in 138 countries. In the EU, ACG has large capsule production facilities in Croatia and warehouse facilities in the Netherlands.


Tailored solutions

ACG Capsules has the broadest portfolio of vegetarian and gelatine-based capsules on the market. Both can be adapted to the customer’s requirements with regard to size, colour and printing specifications.

The capsules are produced to extremely exacting uniformity standards. ACG has also been using DNA tags since 2018, to prevent the counterfeiting of its tablets.


Manufacturing support

ACG produces and installs manufacturing equipment and production lines for the pharmaceutical industry under the auspices of ACG Engineering.

Accordingly, they have their own engineers and specialists with practical capsule-filling experience, who service the European market from their division in Croatia.


Procudan is the ideal partner

As Manager for UK and Scandinavia at ACG Capsules, Rohit Mahire, states:

- We are very happy with our collaboration with Procudan. We only started working together on an official basis in 2022, but we are already convinced that Procudan is the right match for us. The whole team is very proactive and demonstrates an understanding of Scandinavian customers and their needs. We are absolutely certain that this is the start of a long and valuable collaboration between our companies.

  Rohit Mahire
  Manager for UK and Scandinavia
  ACG Capsules

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