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Empty capsules: Large selection in high quality

In order for medicines or dietary supplements to have the desired effect, they need to be absorbed into the body in the best way possible. In many contexts, the best solution is to deliver the active agents into the body in the form of a capsule, which is swallowed whole.

Such capsules must therefore be of high quality and functionality, both in terms of how they protect and preserve their contents, and to make their use practical for consumers.

We deliver a large selection of both vegetable and gelatine-based capsules for applications such as medicines and nutritional supplements. The capsules can be used to contain powders, liquids, pellets or combinations of different types of content. They can also be used to slow release dosages of, for example, depot medications.

Regardless of whether you require vegetable or gelatine-based capsules, there is plenty of variation to choose from, in terms of size, colour, print and functionality. As one of our customers, you can therefore choose solutions that are unique to your particular requirements and that are adapted to your production.

We can supply capsules in 15 different sizes. Their appearance can be designed using more than 1,000 different colour shades, as well as with varying transparency and applied printing.

The capsules have been developed and thoroughly tested to ensure that they do not interact with their contents. When stored properly, they have a shelf life of five years.

As a general rule, a wide selection of capsules can be delivered at short notice.

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HPMC: Vegetable capsules

HPMC is an abbreviation for hydroxypropyl methylcellulose.

This material is extracted from plant fibres and contains no animal content.

HPMC capsules are suitable for use by vegans and can be used for all applications, including containing and dosing depot medicines.

HPMC is broken down naturally both in the body and in nature.

These vegetable capsules can be supplied in sizes from 000 to 5.


Gelatine capsules

Gelatine is made from animal amino acids and has been used to produce medical capsules since the 19th century. 

These are the most widely used form of capsule in the pharmaceutical industry and are usually the cheapest alternative.

Procudan sells capsules that are produced from fish and cattle.

The beef gelatine is produced in the EU from the fresh hides of cattle that have been slaughtered to produce food for consumption by humans.

Our gelatine has halal and kosher certification.

We can supply gelatine capsules in sizes 00 to 4.

Choose your solution on the basis of requirements

Gelatine and HPMC both offer great options for variation of both appearance and quality characteristics.


The decisive factor in this context would be your requirements in relation to the product, its formulation, filling method and production facilities, as well as the quantities you expect to purchase.


We will cover all of this as part of the initial dialogue, which would set the framework for a possible collaboration.

Functional for production

The capsules can be delivered in a manner that is best suited to your method of production, such as whether filling is manual or fully automatic.

This also makes them suitable for liquids, powders and pellets, or a combination of different types of content.

We also offer the option of assistance in the setting up and servicing of production facilities.

Documentation and QA support

We only supplies capsules of the finest quality. Regardless of choice of material and function, they are supplied with quality and traceability documentation.

Our partners also offer support towards achieving documentation and certification compliance.

Customised design of empty capsules

As a customer, you can have the design of the capsules customised according to your own requirements.

Thousands of colour options are available, with different degrees of transparency.


Print designs can also be applied to the capsules themselves. This might be a logo or instructions for the consumer.

Security from start to finish

We endeavour to give you a good customer experience, from the first point of contact to the final purchase of empty capsules. We think that it is important to give you insights into the purchasing process right from the start, so you know what you will be involved with.


Partnership with ACG Capsules

In collaboration with ACG Capsules, we develop unique capsule solutions for customers in medicine and dietary supplements.


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