Food safety

Safe access to a world of ingredients and packaging

Customers the world over have high expectations regarding the food products they purchase. They want to know, for certain, that they may trust the products and brands they prefer. Thanks to a global network of producers all following the same structured quality assurance processes involving repeat audits and evaluations, we deliver every day on our ambition to make food production simple, straightforward, and last but not least, safe.

Trust and transparency are the foundation of any development oriented and profitable collaboration. However, for food safety, trust is not enough. Detailed documentation to demonstrate earned trust and the related required safety must be accessible. At all times. That is why our customers have access 24/7 to all the relevant product documentation at My Procudan.

Our ingredients and packaging are manufactured all over the world – wherever the resources, know-how, and climate ensure the best conditions for production. But we never leave anything to chance; there is no room for mistakes. We are therefore represented locally wherever a strong understanding of the local community and culture is vital to the quality of the product.

We do not compromise on food safety. We know the challenges and consequences that occur in its absence.


We operate at the highest levels

Food safety is a fundamental prerequisite, and we take that responsibility seriously. We operate at the highest level of food safety and meet the following standards:

ISO 22000:2018 (Food Safety Management System)


FSSC 22000 (Food Cat. I, Food Packaging Cat. C4 and K, Transport and Storage Cat. G2)

These standards are approved by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), guaranteeing that products from Procudan comply with all regulations and requirements for food safety and quality control.GFSI is an organisation that evaluates the standards for food safety. It works tirelessly to improve systems for handling food products while at the same time enabling collaboration between food safety experts and key stakeholders in the food industry. This ensures a high degree of food safety and confidence throughout the entire supply chain.


We are also certified in environmental management according to the ISO 14001 standard.

We play with open cards

An old adage says that the only people not making mistakes are those who do nothing. Errors are inevitable in every industry, and the food industry is no exception.

What distinguishes partners is what they do to prevent errors and how they learn from them. We play with open cards – even when errors occur. We are proactive and inform all relevant parties while at the same time conducting our own systematic root cause analysis. We assume our share of the responsibility and do our part to prevent a recurrence.

All consumers have a right to know what they’re eating

Fraud in food production, unfortunately, is widespread and keeps getting worse. There are examples of extensive deception with olive oil, oregano, fish, and fruit, as examples. Many offenders have been caught, but regrettably not all.

We believe that the solution is a combination of control and prevention – and that the responsibility is ours. We work continuously and systematically to prevent errors and fraud. Not just in our own products, but throughout the supply chain. This is the only way we can continue to meet expectations and maintain mutual trust.

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration issues top level smiley

The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration oversees all entities handling food in Denmark. Companies are awarded a smiley that shows clearly and unequivocally whether they are in full compliance with the legislation.

We are dedicated to food safety and quality assurance and holds Elite Smiley status, a level achieved once four consecutive happy smileys have been awarded.

When the appearance, too, matters

Food safety is not just about the ingredients. It’s also about the packaging of the products. Packaging plays a major role in terms of the safety of the product, and the requirements for materials in contact with food are are high, and rising constantly.

Together with our customers, we consider packaging from the very beginning and thus ensure that a food product and its packaging are two closely related aspects of safety. 

Organics – naturally!

We have a wide selection of organic food ingredients, and through our strong network of partners and manufacturers, we can procure all kinds of ingredients – both the well-known and the lesser-known.