Processed vegetables

Vegetables with limitless potential

Vegetables add taste, consistency, colour and a healthy profile to a wide range of end products.

Procudan have a large selection of processed vegetables, and we work closely with food manufacturers to find the right processed vegetable to perfect their end product.

Colourful addition

Juicy red tomato, fresh green spinach or crunchy yellow bell pepper – vegetables are a colourful experience.

And they have many uses, including as decoration, adding to the end product a rainbow of colour options. Regardless of whether tomato purée is used to provide a colourful base or dried basil is used for decoration, vegetables add a colourful twist and a healthy profile.

Procudan have a wide range of vegetables that can be processed to suit the specific end product. From vegetable sauces to chopped, pulped or puréed – we are experts in vegetables, their properties and how best to process them. We assist food manufacturers with finding the ingredient that best matches their end product.

Billede Farverig tilføjelse

Familiar taste in many versions

A delicious tomato salsa or a crisp bread roll with carrots – vegetables provide a fresh and delicious taste with a distinctive flavour that is easy to recognise.

Depending on how they are processed, vegetables can retain more or less of their taste when added to the end product. This means that with processed vegetables and vegetable sauces, it is possible to add a recognisable taste to the end product.

Procudan provide advice on the various means of processing and on how to achieve the taste that gives the end product the desired result. And on the optimal packaging, of course.

Billede En grøn erstatning

A green replacement

Vegetables are processed in many different ways and come in a variety of consistencies. This makes them ideal for use as a replacement ingredient to give end products a greener profile.

We have both organic and conventional vegetables processed to best suit your end product. We are experts in the latest trends and offer a range of specialised products to reflect current tastes.

Liquid delights

Fruity and sweet, bitter and sharp or spicy and exotic – these are not the taste nuances typically associated with vegetables. But fine or coarse vegetable sauces offer a wide range of different taste variations that can be added to your end product. 

Procudan have a wide array of vegetables from different origins, and we work closely with our customers to create the right composition of ingredients to complement the end product in terms of taste, consistency and appearance.  

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