A guide to crisp product development

Consumers are becoming increasingly demanding when it comes to food. Not only does food have to taste good, but the content must also fulfil a wide range of criteria. When developing new products, you are limited by consumer demands, but you also have the opportunity to fulfil their wishes. Get our guide designed to help you develop the next super-selling snack.

Trends in snacking

International analyses show that since 2022, consumers have become more price-conscious and less loyal to brands. However, the market for snacks seems to be growing and entails the opportunity to win new customers, especially among price-conscious consumers.

Consumers don't just want value for money. They also want healthy snacks, with less sugar and more protein. And the market for plant-based food is still growing (Euromonitor 2023).

A snack should still be able to satisfy the little hunger, and it is often enjoyed as a little extra sparkle for a cosy moment within the four walls of home. The design should therefore be practical and fit these consumption patterns. 


Starches shorten the ingredient list

The food industry wants to develop products that meet consumer demands, and a snack should have a large target group. A simple solution to this can be to work from a short list of ingredients. Not only is this a desire of the 37% of consumers who regularly read lists of ingredients. It also makes it easier to fulfil other consumer trends.

The key to developing a great product with few ingredients can be starches. The many different types of starch products don't just provide just the right crunch and bite. They also bind products together and can add both fibre and vegan protein to the nutritional content.

Starches have many applications, and it can be beneficial to familiarise yourself with them.


A guide to developing snacks

Our partner Agrana Stärke specialises in starch products. The company has developed the guide 'Ingredients Made for your Snacking Experience', which is aimed at product developers in the food industry.

The guide includes five steps:

  1. First, look into trends for snacking
  2. Your key to snacking innovations
  3. Specialities for snacking products
  4. Selected use cases
  5. Checklist for your next product development

Download the guide here

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