Stand Up Pouch bags

Also known as doypacks.

Stand Up Pouch bags are a practical, versatile and attractive solution, easily scalable for different volumes. The bag has an attractive upright design, to show off the contents to advantage on shop shelves.

Stand Up Pouch bags provide ideal protection. The number and combination of layers depend on the properties of the contents and barrier requirements. Each layer has a purpose. It may be to protect against oxygen or light, to preserve the properties of the product, such as aroma and flavour, or to ensure shelf life.

The outer layer of the bag offers an array of marketing opportunities, from printing in many different colours to a window to show off the product. The outer layer of the bag can also be replaced by e.g. paper to give it a natural, eco-friendly look.

The bag is easy to fill on automated packaging machines but can also be filled manually. 

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