Review of packaging solutions

Can your packaging be improved?

Strength, barrier and usability must be in order when packing goods. Needs analysis and tests form the basis of all packaging choices, and often a good design lasts a long time.

But to keep up with requirements and new expectations, the packaging solutions must be continuously optimized and rethought.

We offer a review of your packaging solutions, where we provide qualified advice and guidance on how to make the solutions better. Our packaging expert provides concrete suggestions for changes, alternative packaging or new packaging options. You'll receive a list of possible next steps and possible packaging samples - with no obligation.

Together, we go through your packaging solutions and make a plan for how the solutions can be improved

We always recommend the solution that has the greatest value for our customers, whether it is packaging of paper, plastic or big bags.

What we help others with

We deliver packaging solutions to customers in many different industries and in our dialogues we often talk about


There are many steps on the way to a greener packaging solution. And you do not have to go all the way in one stretch.

Consideration is perhaps the first step in the green direction. Consider whether some of the packaging can be replaced with more environmentally friendly alternatives?

Conventional plastic can be partially replaced, and for instance combined with paper. Bio-based alternatives have long since gained ground and bioplastics  are a real option.


The main purpose of the packaging is to protect the product that is wrapped. But maybe the product is packed too well?

Overpacking is both expensive and bad for the green profile.

It may be that the needs have changed or better opportunities have emerged. Maybe a different composition of materials is the solution or it is best to think new.

Optimal material selection

The interplay between the product, the packaging and the production machine is alpha and omega. Stopping production is expensive and a challenge that needs to be addressed.

The specifications of the packaging must fit both the product and the machine. This applies to both filling and further storage and transport.

Does the product change in relation to for example recipe or structure, often, the requirements for the packaging change as well. Have you thought all around?


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