Take the uncertainty out of your production

Procudan Blends allows you to simplify manufacturing processes and minimize errors.

A stable production flow is high on the wish list of many companies.

However, issues such as limited capacity and lack of experienced staff can throw a spanner in the works and lead to production errors and delays

To secure your capacity and make things easier, especially for new employees, you can outsource some of your production processes to a blending company like Procudan Blends.


Precisely measured on time

The advantage of Procudan Blends is that it can weigh, mix and repackage ingredients from many different packaging types and harmonize them according to your needs.

You can then have your blends delivered directly to your production facility whenever you want and in the quantities you need.

This way, your employees will have packages in hand that are not only easy to lift, but also precisely measured to fit your production lines and recipes.


All blends in a single process

Procudan Blends are mixtures, solutions and repackaging. And what they all have in common is that they are all part of a single process, from the moment the work begins until the blend is complete.

This ensures that we can be fast and flexible for our customers, but also minimize the risk of contamination.For the same reason, the modern mixing plants are equipped with efficient CIP systems that ensure we can meet the best criteria for cleanliness.

The plants are also located in climate-controlled rooms, so both temperature and humidity are kept stable while any dust is extracted.With Procudan Blends, you will be able to achieve a more focused workflow. Both in the short and long term.

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