Mayor visits Procudan

Procudan is a rapidly developing company. This has also been noticed in Kolding Municipality.

A lot has happened at Procudan in recent years.

Firstly, we introduced a new business area with production facilities in the form of

Procudan Blends, and most recently, the launch of ProCera® Natural has brought a completely new fossil-free alternative to the world market for cheese wax.

That a Kolding-based company has succeeded in developing and patenting such an innovative product as ProCera® Natural has been noticed at our local town hall. And that was the reason why we received a visit on Monday from the Mayor of Kolding, Knud Erik Langhoff, who was flanked by Municipal Director Merete Dissing.


Tour and collaboration

CEO Tommy H. Pedersen hosted the visit and gave our guests a tour of the production, warehouse and administration.

The visit was facilitated by Morten Bjørn Hansen, CEO of Business Kolding. Intern Marcus Munch had his first day at Business Kolding and also participated.

We appreciate the interest in our work and the development that we have initiated, and we look forward to continuing the good cooperation with the authorities and administration in Kolding Municipality.

The occasion for the visit was the launch of the 100% natural cheese wax ProCera® Natural.

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