ESG Coordinator will ensure transparency

Lone Skov has just started as ESG Coordinator. She previously worked as Quality Manager at Procudan and now returns in a newly created position.

As part of a strengthened effort for sustainable development, Procudan has created a new position as ESG Coordinator. The position has already been filled by Lone Skov.

She is not only a familiar face to us here at Procudan, but also to many of our customers and business partners who previously had contact with Lone, while she was Quality Manager for a number of years.


Environmental reports in sight

The increased focus on sustainability also means that Procudan is transitioning from following the CSR guidelines to working with ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance).

Lone Skov will be responsible for coordinating Procudan's sustainability efforts, including collecting and building the data basis for future ESG reporting.

She sees great potential, both because resources are being dedicated to sustainable development, but also because Procudan has a global network of suppliers.

- On the one hand, we will be able to create transparency in order for our customers to choose sustainable products and services. At the same time, we will be able to help our suppliers find the right solutions, says Lone Skov.

The goal is for Procudan to be able to account for the climate impact of both its own production and the goods it purchases in just a few years.

This data will enable customers to select solutions based on the environmental impact.


From quality to sustainability

ESG will not be Lone Skov's only area of responsibility. She will also have the title of Welfare Coordinator, which suits the former Quality Manager well.

- ESG is a new area for me. It challenges my intellect. The welfare part speaks a lot to my heart, but ESG really does too. Especially when I think about my own grandchildren and the generations that will follow, she says.



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