Get ready for extended producer responsibility

When the new legislation comes into force in 2025, it will create several new tasks for Danish manufacturers. Read how we can help you get your packaging ready for sorting.

The EU’s extended producer responsibility policy will apply in Denmark from 1 July 2025. It requires producers and importers to take responsibility for the costs associated with handling their packaging when it is sorted as waste.

The tax must be graduated according to the environmental impact of the individual packaging, which means that packaging types that are easy to sort and recycle will be associated with a lower tax.

At Procudan, we have years of experience in optimising packaging solutions. We have developed a systematic approach to help you take the next step towards ever greener packaging choices.

Sort-ready packaging results in lower taxes

It is unclear how the new taxes will be graded according to the environmental impact, so it can be difficult to know exactly what to look out for. However, the purpose of producer responsibility is to incentivise designs that are better suited for sorting, recycling and disposal.

Recyclable products that are easy to sort will have a lower environmental impact, so manufacturers should try to replace conventional packaging consisting of several different types of plastic with mono-materials. At the same time, weight becomes a factor in the tax, so it’s important to try to reduce the amount of plastic in the packaging.

Visit business organisation VANA to read more about the legislation.

Get an audit of your solutions

The new legislation can be an opportunity to rethink packaging so that it is not only functional and reliable but also updated with new materials and technology.

A review of production conditions, products and packaging can highlight new opportunities and solutions. We help you create a plan for how to improve your current packaging solutions in terms of sustainability, over-packaging and material selection. Book a review.


Opportunities with mono-material

One very specific way to make your packaging sorting-ready is to investigate the possibility of switching to mono-materials.

Single-material packaging is available in many designs that can be adapted to different needs and production methods. Therefore, there is great flexibility and opportunity to customise your packaging and find the right solution to optimise it concerning extended producer responsibility.


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