How we co-create value

Co-creating value

We believe in co-creating value. That we can do more by working together than by working on our own. Close relations are established and strengthened through open and honest dialogue, which is the foundation for a good collaboration.

Proactivity is one of Procudan’s fundamental values, and we therefore want our customers’ experiences with us to exceed expectations. The way we collaborate fosters strong partnerships in which we work together to create actual experienced value.

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Successful partnerships

We are GFSI certified within food safety and never compromise on customers’ or consumers’ safety.

With a focus on the customer’s business, we develop tailored plans that create new solutions and initiatives for improving existing products and freeing up resources in business and production. Meanwhile, technological solutions ease collaboration and promote fruitful discussions.

We ensure global sourcing with our thorough understanding of demand-based purchasing and CSR through our network of partners and manufacturers. We provide peace of mind and secure risk management. For manufacturing, we ensure just-in-time deliveries through our flexible logistics setup, which is adapted to the customer’s needs. This means you can maintain stocks at lower levels, which ultimately frees up capital. And your administration staff benefit from an efficient document flow designed to make their lives easier.

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A competent team for each and every task

It is important to us that we know our customers – and their customers.

Together, we assemble the right team for the task at hand. We involve specialists from our strong network when needed, providing expertise in a range of areas, from formulations, trends and process optimisation to technological integration or food safety. The right team ensures the right solution.

Procudan’s Supply Service is the heart of Procudan. And once the assignment has been executed, this is where daily operations are anchored, ensuring close relations to our customers’ key personnel to simplify everyday tasks. Get an overview at My Procudan.

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A solution that saves time, money and space

With single-point sourcing, food manufacturers can gather all their food ingredients and packaging purchasing in one place.

This reduces the number of suppliers and makes life easier, freeing up resources, which can be put to better use, for example for innovation and product development. 


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