Quad Seal sacks

Also known as stabilo bags, four corner sealed bags (4-corner sealed bags) and SQ4 bags.

Quad Seal sacks are available as a bag or a sack, depending on volume requirements.

The sack is designed to retain its shape, even if contents are heavy. Quad Seal bags look stylish on the shelf, whether upright or lying flat. The design of the sack provides plenty of space on the front, rear and sides for eye-catching print and information. It is also easy to combine the design with user-friendly features such as ziplocks, sliders or velcro to make the sacks easier to reseal, or handles to make the sacks easier to lift and transport.

Quad Seal bags provide ideal protection, and the combination of layers is always based on the requirements and characteristics of the contents. For instance, a degassing valve can be inserted to protect aroma and flavour.

Sacks are easy to fill on automated packaging machines and they can be given friction varnish to ensure secure stacking on pallets.

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