Open mouth sacks

An classic paper sack. Simple tubular construction. Cross bottom base with open top to ensure sacks that are stable and easy to fill.

Open mouth sacks can easily be used in a variety of filling and packaging machines but are also simple to handle manually. The stable design ensures easy, continuous filling. The bag can be sealed using a variety of techniques: seams, welding, tape, folding or adhesive.

Open mouth sacks provide ideal protection, and the combination of layers is always based on the product to be packaged. Paper layers can be combined with plastic film. However, the sack can also be produced in 100% pure, eco-friendly paper.

Both the dimensions of the sack and the paper quality can be tailored to the customer’s requirements.

The design of the sack leaves plenty of space for print and information on the front, rear and both sides. An integrated tear strip makes it easy to open the bag without tools, and open mouth sacks can be securely stacked for handling and transport. 

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