As a global supplier to the flavour and fragrance market, Symrise specializes in flavours, aromas, active ingredients for cosmetics, and functional ingredients. Working with Procudan, solutions are developed for food products, pet food, and health care.

Product development based on the latest trends

Symrise monitors trends and changes in the market, regionally and globally, applying the latest knowledge as a basis for developing the product range.

The portfolio of more than 30,000 products includes flavours ranging from natural extracts to synthetic flavours. The range includes compounds for active cosmetics ingredients, raw materials, and functional ingredients that improve the sensory characteristics and nutritional value of various end products.

Procudan and the customer jointly determine the best flavour or aroma for the application in question.


High quality with FSSC and GMP certifications

ISO and FSSC certifications ensures products that meet the highest standards and an effective production process of high quality. Symrise in addition adheres to the GMP executive order related to the production of pharmaceutical products.


Integrated supply reduces risk

As a global supplier to the flavour and fragrance market, Symrise provides reliable deliveries through a supply chain based on backward integration. Close partnerships secure the supply of raw materials and enable reliable production processes.


Responsibility and climate neutrality

Symrise is a member of ETHIBEL and thus signals a significant commitment to sustainability. Symrise aims to be climate neutral by 2030. These initiatives began in 2009, leading to a procurement policy that requires suppliers to demonstrate climate friendly practices and to an RSPO certification for sourcing palm oil from sustainably managed production operations. About 80% of the procurement volume is assessed with respect to criteria related to sustainability.

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