Sacchettificio Nazionale G. Corazza

As specialists in innovative packaging solutions, Corazza contributes with solutions in both plastic, paper and combinations thereof. In collaboration with Procudan, packaging is tailored primarily for food and animal feed, as well as the concrete and construction industry.

Customized bags, sacks and rolls

The specific needs and wishes for design are always the starting point when new packaging solutions and packaging variants are developed at Corazza. The range covers bags, sacks and rolls in paper and plastic with the possibility of a wealth of customizations.

The market's latest trends are continuously combined with Corazza's 95 years of experience, where both technology and equipment are tested and expanded step by step to ensure optimal packaging solutions and designs.


Control the visual presentation

Deep technical know-how and strong specialists form the basis of Corazza's understanding of the visual presentation. This applies to everything from design, colors, images, resolution and print to the materials. Whether the end product is made of paper or plastic, monolayer or laminated, there is full design quality on all solutions.

In 2021, Corazza received a Diamond Award for the best print quality in the industry.


High quality assurance

Corazza's GFSI certification and competent staff ensure the production of quality packaging that protects and packs the end products in the best possible way. Bar codes and batch numbering ensure full traceability and security.


Green focus

Corazza installed solar panels on all its roofs back in 2010, but in 2022 its actual production capacity has increased to 2,400,000 mW per year from its newly completed system, which corresponds to 30% of the electricity it uses in production.

Corazza offers sustainable packaging such as plastic-free paper sacks and paper sacks that can be separated for waste sorting. Other sustainable solutions are being developed all the time. Corazza works with PEFC and FSC certified partners to ensure compliance with forest conservation legislation.

Corazza has also been FSC certified, which provides security and documentation that we use our forests responsibly. FSC allows both forest owners and companies to contribute towards ensuring healthy forests that are full of life and that will not least be able to be enjoyed by current and future generations.


Procudan is a trustworthy partner

Procudan and Corrazza have collaborated for many years, and as Massimo Beggio, Sales & Purchasing Manager at Corrazza states:

- Our Company has had the pleasure of working with Procudan for about 25 years in full harmony and partnership. Despite the great changes in the market over such a long period of time, we have always carried out our business with seriousness and mutual commitment and Procudan has always been our official partner for the sale of our products in the Scandinavian market.

- The relationship is one of total trust and our goal is to provide Scandinavian customers with products of a high and consistent quality over time as well as a high level of service. Together we will continue our path with the determination to consolidate our presence and with the commitment to always improve our performance and ensure customer satisfaction.

  Massimo Beggio
  Sales & Purchasing Manager
  Sacchettificio Nazionale G. Corazza

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