Lallemand is a privately owned Canadian company specialising in developing, producing and marketing yeast, bacteria and speciality cultures for the baking, dairy and healthcare industries. Procudan is Lallemand's partner, and together, we select, develop and produce speciality cultures for dairy and plant-based products.

Specialists in speciality cultures 

With 100 years of expertise, it's no exaggeration to say that Lallemand specialises in advanced solutions for speciality cultures. Through leading processes and technologies, Lallemand develops the speciality cultures that contribute to a unique appearance, colour, taste, texture, long shelf life and safety.   


Cultures enhance flavour, appearance and shelf life 

Procudan and Lallemand have a strong collaboration concerning speciality cultures within the dairy industry, including blue and white mold, smear cheese culture and protective cultures.

White mold cultures are used in Camembert and Brie cheeses, adding the characteristic white surface, flavour and aroma. Blue mold cultures are used in Danablu and other blue mold cheeses, providing the unique taste and characteristic appearance. Similarly, Smear cheese culture are used in Danbo and Havarti.

Protective cultures reduce yeast and mould development, extending shelf life and reducing food waste. They can also be used in plant-based products such as non-dairy yoghurt.   


Focus on research and improvement 

Lallemand is strongly committed to and focuses on developing microbiological technologies. Significant resources are invested in finding new and improved methods to tackle complex challenges in the food industry and other sectors.


High-quality standards  

At Lallemand, state-of-the-art solutions ensure efficient and targeted treatments that meet high-quality standards and are certified non-GMO, lacto-vegetarian, kosher and halal.  

These quality standards ensure that products are safe and suitable for a wide range of applications and customer needs.  

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