Italgel covers a wide range of products in hydrolyzed collagen and gelatine solutions. In partnership with Procudan, products are tailored to the food, health care, pharmaceutical and nutraceuticals industries.

Ongoing development in the product portfolio

Based on 50 years of experience and ongoing research, Italgel produces hydrolyzed collagen and gelatine for food, health care, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals applications.

Italgel's ingredients provide rapid solubility in applications and provide accuracy, firmness, and time savings in the production process. The wide product range, and a technically specialized team, ensures customized gelatine and collagen solutions that meet the customer's needs. With market requirements in mind, Italgel has a strong focus on research, product development and product rethinking.


Traceability throughout the production chain

Competent employees and BRC and ISO certifications form the basis for product safety and full traceability throughout the production chain, in which gelatine and collagen are based on raw materials from healthy animals.


Sound climate focus

Italgel provides an energy saving of 30 percent per ton of gelatine produced through installed solar cells. With the help of sustainable growth and development of combined heat and power plant, up to 100 percent of the production energy is recovered on an ongoing basis.

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