When good service is the heart of the matter

Louise Hansen is our new sales coordinator in Supply Service. Customer contact and service are things that preoccupy Louise, even when she is not at work.

Customer contact and service have indeed been part of Louise’s job for many years now; but they are more than just a job.

They have become things that she can’t just “leave on her desk” when she is not at work.

- As a customer myself, I have experienced poor standards of service first hand, based on a failure to understand what I needed as a customer. But the same also applies when the boot is on the other foot. There is plenty to gain by talking about things constructively, she says.

Louise started work as a sales coordinator in Supply Service on 1 November and has already got off to a great start. Not only is this because of her customer service talents, but also because of her experience from the transport industry, which has given her considerable expertise about the logistical factors that Procudan and our partners have to deal with.


Knowledge is a way to help customers

Louise’s next step is to become an expert in the many products and services in the Procudan portfolio. As she says herself, knowledge is the key to great customer service. This means not only knowing about your own products, but also about the various factors that are important to a customer.

- Being able to help customers and make a difference makes me happy. But this means that I need to know what the customer needs and how we can give them the best assistance. I look forward to getting to grips with all the details, she says, smiling.

Louise Hansen is responsible for customer enquiries and contact with our suppliers. You can contact Louise at lha@procudan.com.

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