Visit by laboratory technician students

On 10 November 2021, we had a visit by a group of enthusiastic laboratory technician students at University College South Denmark in Esbjerg, Denmark.

Product Manager Maja Duelund and Laboratory Technician Maria Del Mar Caparrós Morales had planned an exciting and informative visit to our facilities, including presentations and tours of the production area, the warehouse, and the laboratory.

The students learned about the types of work performed by a professional laboratory technician and about the roles for which companies hire technicians and/or laboratory interns.

The purpose of a visit to company facilities is to educate the students about Procudan and possibly pique an interest that might lead to an internship. The collaboration with University College South Denmark is valuable for Procudan in that the students take on practical assignments from the company during their theoretical studies.

Maja Duelund, Product Manager, comments that

The students have access to equipment not available inhouse at Procudan, and that is extremely exciting and valuable for us.

Until now, Business Academy Aarhus, Denmark has worked with Procudan to provide this educational support, and now University College South Denmark is doing likewise.


Visits to company facilities may lead to internships and jobs

Laboratory Technician Maria Del Mar Caparrós Morales is a good example of how much benefit a student may get from visiting a company. Maria learned about and took an interest in Procudan as a result of having been on a company visit.

This visit led to an internship, a college research paper, and a job at Procudan – to the valuable benefit of both parties.

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