Top marks for internship and Procudan

In April 2022, our intern Nanna Damsgaard Westergaard rounded off her internship by getting the highest possible grade in her final exam. Nanna was not the only one to get top marks. Nanna gave her internship with us at Procudan top marks too!

During her internship with Supply Service, Nanna was assigned a variety of tasks, the main ones being following up customer contracts, looking up forecasts and ensuring continued good customer relationships and contact.

According to Nanna, our customers were very nice and being in close contact with them was a great experience.


A unique community and a healthy work culture

Nanna already had the sense that Procudan would be a nice place to work as soon as she walked through the door to attend her first interview.

Nanna Damsgaard Westergaard explains:

The culture at Procudan was very much a deciding factor that contributed to a fantastic internship, in the sense that my colleagues were extremely good at sharing their expertise and involving me in many different types of tasks and social events. This meant that I quickly felt that I was part of this unique community that helps Procudan to keep growing.

During her time with Supply Service, Nanna experienced a high degree of proactivity, mutual respect and that everybody is efficient in the work they do with our customers. Well-being is also a top priority as, according to Nanna, Supply Service went to great lengths to nurture relationships both inside and outside the workplace, which is very much in alignment with Procudan's values.


Main assignment in close collaboration with Supply Service

Everybody at Supply Service was helpful and kind during the process, and not least when it came to the main assignment itself. The foundation for Nanna’s main assignment was the collection of empirical data, which she was able to do with the collaboration of Supply Service. The assignment was about the challenges faced by Supply Service and about possible solutions that could potentially contribute to increased growth.

After her oral defence of her paper, where (as already mentioned) she got the highest possible grade, Nanna was able to raise her arms in the air and proudly tell everyone at Supply Service that she had now qualified as a business economist with a specialisation in sales from Vejle UCL.

In September, Nanna will start her professional bachelor's degree in “Innovation and entrepreneurship” and since completing her internship she has retained her association with Supply Service by working as a student assistant.

Taking responsibility and showing respect is deeply-ingrained in our history and way of doing business, and we are very pleased that Nanna’s experiences with us have been so positive.

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