Sales and Marketing Director wants to get up close to our customers

Martin Jakobsen enters his new position with some solid ballast from the worlds of ingredients and packaging.

Procudan has found its new Sales and Marketing Director from among its existing talent.

Martin Jakobsen, our existing sales manager, has now expanded his responsibilities to now include marketing.

Martin has considerable experience from over 20 years in the food industry where he has worked in purchasing, product management and sales.

He has been with Procudan since 2017 when he started working for us as one of our product managers before moving to our sales division in 2020.


Close partnerships with suppliers and customers

During his time with Procudan, Martin has focused on finding connections and common points of reference across the various departments.

He will continue to do so. Martin is certain that this will also be something that our customers will notice as he hopes to be working towards closer partnerships.

When we really get to know our customers, the challenges they face and their strategies, this gives us some great opportunities to help them with our own insights and expertise. Our task is therefore to tie the various threads together by inviting our suppliers and customers into our community and joint value creation.

Working to create value in collaboration with our partners is one of Procudan’s core values. In the context of sales, this needs to happen through close collaborations and the sharing of knowledge.


Good food with less meat

Martin Jakobsen is a bit of a foodie in his private life. The food industry is more than just a way of putting food on the table (so to speak). It is also an exciting and ever-changing world that continues to fascinate him.

- It is just an incredibly dynamic area to work in. There is always something new and interesting going on. I am incredibly curious about food, so I also have lots of different favourite dishes, he says.

It is difficult to point to any specific pattern when choosing my favourites though. Italian’s always good. And over the years, the role of meat as a favourite ingredient has continued to diminish.

- Progress towards a more plant-based diet is one of the areas where food trends have changed considerably over a relatively short period of time. I find this interesting, both as an industry professional, and as someone who just likes food, he says.

Find out more about Procudan’s values here.

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