Profiles to make a better team

“Olsen Banden” and coloured caps. Having a psychological profile done can be a lot of fun.

Which character am I most like? This was one of the questions that some of Procudan’s employees were given the answers to last Friday.

At least in terms of their psychology.

Last Friday was a training day where we drew up psychological profiles in the form of DISC analyses. Those who took part were our new colleagues and some more experienced members of our staff who wanted to update their old profiles.


Swedish and Norwegian profile

Nicolaj Statager from Achievers used well-known (at least in Denmark) “Olsen Banden” comedy film characters to illustrate the various personality types to the Danish course participants. Our international readers may need to google them!

Procudan is lucky enough to benefit from having Swedish and Norwegian colleagues, so unfamiliarity with these Danish film characters was a potential problem.

Fortunately, these characters are sufficiently deeply integrated into the shared Nordic heritage that even the Norwegians recognised some of the catchphrases. But for everybody else, google it!


Better collaboration and working environment

The most important thing that was learned during the course was that people have different personalities. This of course also means that the people who work at Procudan have different personality types too.

It is therefore useful to be able to recognise not only your own personality type, but that of your colleagues too. This helps, not just to ensure that we bring out the best in each other, but because it ensures well-being and a happy workplace.

Nicolaj Statager began by presenting a little performance to illustrate how the various personality archetypes interact with a group.

He also explored a little about the history of psychology, which was very interesting,
particularly for those in attendance whose personality type is the one that enjoys finding out about all the details.

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