Procudan awarded the highest credit rating

This year, Procudan has once again been assessed as having the best possible capacity to pay its bills.

Procudan is top notch when it comes to being creditworthy. This was the assessment of the Bisnode analysis company, which has given Procudan the best possible AAA rating.

According to Bisnode, AAA ratings are awarded to companies whose ability to fulfil their payment obligations is very robust.

This is now the sixth consecutive year that Procudan has been assessed as being of the highest creditworthiness.


Security that benefits our customers

According to financial manager Jens Ejner Knudsen, this assessment is a result of the fact that Procudan’s finances have been in a healthy state for a long time.

Procudan has conducted itself professionally as a company and has exercised fiscal responsibility for many years. This comes out in the analyses on which this assessment is based.

Having such a good rating is valuable because it is a strong indicator to our business partners that it is safe to do business with Procudan.

Jens Ejner Knudsen says:

In practical terms, this means that our suppliers know that doing business with us gives them extra security, which, in turn, gives us a competitive advantage, from which our customers should also of course benefit.

In connection with this assessment, Procudan has been awarded a silver diploma for a run of 5-9 years with the highest credit rating.

Before a company can be awarded a gold diploma, it must have held the highest credit rating for ten consecutive years. This means that the earliest Procudan would be eligible to be awarded the gold diploma would be in 2026.

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