ProCera® WaxLab promotes product development

With Procera® WaxLab, Procudan is innovating product development in cheese wax, and the goal is to create optimal and innovative waxing of cheeses in collaboration with customers.

Development with less costs

Cheese wax protects the cheese during handling and storage. The continuous development of new cheeses as well as the improvement of well-known classics also requires continuous adjustment and optimization of the cheese wax. Various ProCera® colors can be tested to find the variant that best complements the cheese's history and brand and captures the consumer's attention.

With ProCera® WaxLab, development is easily tested on smaller batches of cheese that do not interfere with existing production. The wastage of cheese during the development phase is reduced and the process is facilitated both for optimization and new development.


Security of choice

Different circumstances are important when choosing ProCera® cheese wax variant. It can for example include process equipment, process management, the surrounding environment including temperature and humidity, and cheese characteristics. Depending on the customer's requirements, Procudan help to select the right cheese wax or create a unique solution.

Tests in ProCera® WaxLab ensure that the cheese wax acts as expected, properly protects the cheese and fits into the cheese's storytelling.

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