Outsider declared the winner of our rum balls of the year championships

At a workplace where many employees come from professional catering backgrounds, the prize for the best rum balls of the year went to a surprising but deserved winner.

The conclusion of this year's rum balls competition was awaited with great excitement.

Who was going to win the prestigious title of winner of this competition that is steeped in tradition, going back one whole year.

This, the second year of our great cake bake-off, saw many competent competitors competing in a strong field, who over the last two months, have brought tasty chocolate-covered spheres to work for their colleagues to try.

Their discerning colleagues could see, smell and taste the offerings and, on that basis, award points based on various predetermined criteria, including “rum used”.


Alcohol – the Danish twist

The initiative for this competition came from our Norwegian-born customer manager Oddbjørn Balke. This is despite the fact that he was, until recently, not entirely certain what a rum ball even was.

He soon got the hang of it, however, and with his discerning taste buds and systematic approach to food, he was also an obvious leader in this competition.

- The concept itself is not so complicated, after all. At the end of the day, a rum ball is just a kind of cake pop or pop cake, just with no stick. The particularly Danish twist is that it must contain alcohol, he explains.

As expected, the level of competition was high. And we all got to taste a lot of tasty little balls.

But surprising of all, however, is that the victory ended up going to someone we considered to be a bit of an outsider, our managing director, Tommy H. Pedersen.


Denies accusations

When the winner was announced at a formal prizegiving, there were murmurs of foul play among those present.

The competitors did have to admit, however, that Tommy’s presentation of his rum balls had been somewhat exceptional and had even added plenty of extra Christmas atmosphere.

Several of those present were, however, critical about whether the director himself was actually capable of producing such aesthetics and wealth of detail. He denies, however, all accusations that he received assistance in his endeavour.

- I knew I had to step it up a gear if I wanted to be in with a chance. So, as Christmas drew nearer, I chose to go all in on the Christmas theme, the convincing winner explains.

Purchasing coordinator Berit Skov Thomsen, who also has a special eye for raw materials of the highest quality, was an equally certain runner-up. Meanwhile, Oddbjørn Balke (who counted all the votes himself) was happy with his third place.

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