Making communication is fun

We are very pleased to be able to welcome Troels Petersen to our amazing sales and marketing team. Since September 2022, Troels has been the man behind most of the text content that has appeared in Procudan’s various channels.

Making expert knowledge easy to understand

A news journalism background is hard to hide under a bushel. When gathering knowledge from colleagues and external partners to be shared on Procudan's various communications channels, the ability to ask good questions with the right amount of detail is always a part of the process.

Often, the right sense of curiosity in such questions are what can put the spotlight on the story or on a particularly interesting angle.

Exploiting the strength of keeping language simple is what Troels is really good at. As our Content Marketing Coordinator, Troels uses his strong communications skills to transform dense subject matter into easy-to-read text content and interesting videos that can be enjoyed by Procudan’s customers and business partners.

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