Intern gets technology to run smoothly

The analysis of production lines is just one of the things that Tobias Neumann has learned in his time as a student of engineering. His internship has, however, not just been all about the technologies inside our machinery, but also about the people who work around it.

Tobias Neumann has also managed to defeat Technical Manager Thomas M. Nielsen a couple of times in paddle tennis; but he has also made him happy on a regular basis over the past six months.

Not only has our engineering intern been able to hit the mark with a tennis bat in his hand; he has also provided some good input to our production and to the new production lines that Procudan is in the process of developing. This has been beneficial to both Procudan Blends and our ProCera cheese wax.

- Tobias has been an on-site sparring partner who has been able to provide some constructive opposite opinions in relation to many of the choices we have to make in our production and the way we usually do things, says Thomas M. Nielsen.


People, technology and food standards

As far as Tobias Neumann is concerned, his internship has been a good continuation of his studies as a production engineer at Via University College in Horsens, where he has learned to analyse productions in relation to data and efficiency.

And everything at Procudan has become much more practical in several ways.

One of the things Tobias has been working with has been to consider the technologies that keep our production lines moving; and not least the standards that apply to food production in particular.

He has also been diligent and thorough in the way that he has thrown himself into the task of preparing requirement specifications for new equipment, which has given him a very broad base of contact within the Procudan organisation.

- Performing my tasks has required me to be in contact with people in all parts of the company, from operators to product specialists. I have had to coordinate with a large number of people, so in that sense the work has also become somewhat specific, says Tobias Neumann.


Continuing at Procudan

Although Tobias' internship will be coming to an end on 22 December, he will be staying on at Procudan as a student employee, where one of his tasks will be to contribute to the process at Procudan Blends.

A facility about which he has already gained an extensive and detailed knowledge.

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