Impossible to overlook through 40 years

It began somewhat accidentally in 1984. But since then, the relationship between Charlotte Marzec and her workplace, Procudan, has evolved.

Some people are hard to miss, even if they are not very tall.

One such person is our colleague, Charlotte Marzec, who celebrated her 40th anniversary here at Procudan on Tuesday.

It was a bit of a coincidence that back in 1984, she got a job at what was then called De danske Mejeriers Fællesindkøb, which had a department close to her home in Skanderborg.

However, since then, Charlotte and Procudan have developed both separately and together over 40 years.

When Procudan merged its departments in Kolding, Charlotte moved with them. An easy choice, she remembers today.

- I really enjoyed the work, but it was also an opportunity to try something new. And it was almost like coming to a new, big company with many more people and a good canteen service, she smiles.


The best anecdotes

Over the course of 40 years, Charlotte has collected many memories, and many people remember her for funny situations.

We were reminded of several of them on Tuesday when she was celebrated in style in our canteen.

Both owner and CEO Tommy H. Pedersen and Supply Service Manager Lise Jepsen held speeches for Charlotte, where they pulled a few stories out of the treasure chest.

Tommy praised Charlotte for her incredible drive over the years, where she has changed functions and tasks several times.

In her speech to the assembled colleagues, Charlotte emphasised the joy of community and how she still remembers what it means to work with someone much older than herself.

She also took the opportunity to remind the young people in Supply Service that they are not as up-to-date with today's music as she is.

Charlotte is usually on board when the conversation turns to other pop culture topics such as TV series and stand-up comedy, and according to her, there's a good reason for that.

- I love anything that's festive and makes me laugh. All the happy things, she explains.

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