From Taiwan to Kolding

For Rikke Holm Jeppesen, it is a pleasure to help our customers. That's why she has found the right place as Sales Coordinator in Supply Service.

It brings a lot of good energy to be in contact with customers and handle orders. At least that's how Rikke Holm Jeppesen has experienced her first two months as Sales Coordinator at Procudan.

On the one hand, the work is very systematic - but at the same time, the days are also unpredictable when she, like the rest of Supply Service, has to navigate the intersection between customers, logistics and suppliers.

- In order to find the best solutions for our customers, we need to keep track of the details and coordinate with our warehouse and external partners. The combination of working in a structured way and having a large number of contacts suits me very well, she explains.


The customer service gene won out

Rikke joined Procudan after finishing maternity leave. Before that, she lived in Taiwan for a couple of years. She applied for the job in Supply Service because she wanted to work with customer service and orders.

- I have a strong customer service gene. That won out, she says.

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