Dairy people at the launch

The news of our new, natural cheese wax was shared alongside a great visit from the dairy industry.

On Wednesday, the Mejeriteknisk Selskab (Dairy Technical Society) visited us at Procudan.

This was no coincidence, as the visit coincided with the announcement of our new natural cheese wax, ProCera® Natural, which gave the event an extra splash of timeliness.

The Dairy Technical Society is an association that aims to support technological development in the dairy industry, and ProCera® Natural is a good example of the latter.


Test methods for wax impress

As a result, there were many good questions and input from the tech-savvy dairy people. Both during the initial presentation of Procudan and ProCera® Natural, but also during a tour of the various departments.

Many were interested in the new methods that Procudan has developed in collaboration with, among others, the Danish Technological Institute, in order to test cheese wax based on scientific and data-based criteria.

One of the members who took part in the tour was consultant Kurt Enevoldsen from KE International. For him, it's only natural that a product like ProCera® Natural comes onto the market.

- "It has always puzzled me that there was no alternative to wrapping cheese in oil. So in that way, the new wax makes a lot of sense, especially in a time when we talk a lot about sustainability," he said.

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