Common values and an important victory

Procudan has extended our partnership with KIF Kolding. We celebrated this news with a social event for our employees and two points for the team.

The partnership between KIF Handball and Procudan has now existed for one and a half decades and has become a close partnership over the years.

We have not only extended the partnership, but have upscaled it for the next two seasons, where the big news is that we will be represented on the players training outfits. We will also be continuing as a “player partner”.

“Our” player for the upcoming season will be Oliver Norlyk. The talented right back also paid us a visit at our premises on Bronzevej to come and say hello.


Celebrating the partnership

We celebrated the partnership on 9 November when Procudan was match sponsor for the bottom of the league thriller against Lemvig-Thyboron Handball, who were then just ahead of KIF Kolding on the second-to-bottom place on the league table.

This was celebrated with an event for our employees, as an enthusiastic team of “Procudanes” turned up in the new red KIF Kolding training jersey with our corporate logo on the front.

The importance of the match meant that there was an intense atmosphere in the hall and after an otherwise relatively safe 29-24 home win, there was a feeling of both relief and joy among most of the 2,500 or so spectators; and not least among our employees, who always want our local team to do well.

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