Cheese wax in collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute

Strong partners contributed to the development of ProCera® Natural. The Danish Technological Institute writes about how its employees helped Procudan.

ProCera® Natural is the largest development project Procudan has ever undertaken.

Along the way, we had to hire several new employees and rebuild our laboratory to test thousands of different formulations.

Procudan's new, expanded development team had a task that required both scientific insight and process experience to complete.

In order to draw on the best resources in these areas, it was decided early on to bring external partners into the project.

One of them is the Danish Technological Institute, which has experience in helping companies realize development projects.


Strong partner from the beginning

The Danish Technological Institute played several key roles during the process from idea to finished product.

The collaboration started in 2018, when the first steps were taken towards a new product that was still only defined as a cheese packaging based on natural raw materials.

The Danish Technological Institute helped us facilitate the initial idea development so that the broad definition was explored in all corners, including with the help of a team of experts from many branches of society.


Cheese wax became a science

Later in the process, when we at Procudan had decided that we wanted to work towards a natural cheese wax, the Danish Technological Institute once again came on board as our partner.

Among other things, the competent employees helped us turn cheese wax into a science. It was very much about quantifying how a wax affects the process that happens inside the cheese during ripening.

Therefore, we ended up developing several different new test methods so that we and our customers will be able to say exactly how much, for example, water and oxygen can move through a cheese wax.

The Danish Technological Institute has written about the process. Read more via the link at the top of the article.

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