Cecilie and Davy are creating value for our customers

These two business economics students are our new Supply Service interns whose tasks will include soliciting Procudan's customers about their delivery forecasts.

Cecilie Hansen and Davy Rasmussen both started as Procudan interns late this summer.

They can both look forward to an eight-month sojourn working inside Procudan’s engine room – Supply Service, where they will both have contact with customers and suppliers and perform tasks that are more logistical in nature.

They are in fact already doing just that right now because they are well on their way to translating their theoretical learning from their business economics courses into hard-hitting practice.


We need to be on the leading edge – for the sake of our customers

According to Cecilie Hansen, one of the most important tasks on the desks of the two interns is their follow-up work with customers' delivery plans, the so-called forecasts.

- Our role is to be proactive when it comes to following up on our customers' forecasts, so that we can constantly adjust our stock levels and ensure our ability to deliver on time. The better this works, the better it is for both our customers and for us, she says.

Davy Rasmussen is also feeling the value of a proactive approach to work.

- We are being pushed in the direction of constantly thinking ahead. If there is a problem with a delivery, we can quickly see what we have in stock and find a solution for the customer. We can use the overview that we have to stay on the leading edge and see opportunities, he says.

Proactivity in particular is one of Procudan’s core values. Our employees should always focus on how to develop more value for our customers.

The two young people have been quick to understand this particular concept.

Davy Rasmussen is studying business economics specialising in E-commerce at the Business Academy Dania in Horsens, Denmark. He started at Procudan on 15 August and will be leaving us again on 15 April.

Cecilie Hansen is studying business economics, specialising in Sales and Sales Management at UCL in Vejle, Denmark. She started her internship at Procudan on 15 July. Her internship will end on 15 March.

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