A tour to Paris to support a worthy cause

After half a year of intense training, Team Rynkeby’s team spirit is strong and people are in really good shape. The cause itself is, however, the most important thing of all.

Riding a bike for eight hours a day can be hard work. You can certainly feel it afterwards.

It’s not all bad, however. The riders’ condition continues to improve, and the team efforts are forging new, strong friendships among the Team Rynkeby participants.

Despite the difficulty and positive spirit of the experience itself, the most important factor continues to be the good cause it supports, namely
fund-raising for the Team Rynkeby Foundation, which helps children who are suffering from serious illnesses, including through organisations like the Danish Children’sCancer Foundation and the Danish Children’s Lung Disease Foundation.

This is what Martin Jakobsen, Procudan’s Sales and Marketing Director and débutant on the Team Rynkeby Sønderjylland team, has to say.

- I have supported the Danish Cancer Foundation for many years, and this is a very important cause for me personally. I have wanted to support this cause in a more active way for a long time now and this was a good opportunity to do so, he says.


The team shares pain and pleasure

Being part of the team and making it all the way to the end goal in Paris takes many hours of training.

Not only does it take many hours away from home. There are also many days with sore muscles in tired cycling legs.

Fortunately your team-mates fellow are sufferers on the hard training rides. Some of them can also share experiences from previous trips to Paris. This is a good reminder that success in this shared project is perfectly possible.

He says:

It is a good thing to share a common goal and the same physical challenge. It can be pain-inducing every now and then, but our training is focused so we are starting to get in pretty good shape now. This is of course a good form of motivation.

Supporting children with serious illnesses

Procudan has decided to back Martin Jakobsen in this endeavour in the form of a gold level sponsorship. He has also found backing from a number of other sponsors.

Participants pay their own expenses towards bikes, cycling kit and hotel accommodation. The money from sponsorships do not help the participants to pay their way but goes instead directly to the causes Team Rynkeby supports.

Last year saw a total of 62 Team Rynkeby teams participating from several different countries and Scandinavia in particular. The endeavour brought in a total of almost DKK 78 million from sponsorships.

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