A new talent appeared

Lema Sadati really wanted to be a laboratory technician specialising in quality, but doing an internship at Procudan meant that she discovered something new about herself.

Working on the development of new products has a special characteristic.

Some people thrive on it. Others don't. Lema Sadati falls into the first category,
but was blissfully unaware of this calling a year ago, when she applied for an internship as part of studies to become a laboratory technician at the Aarhus Business Academy.

More precisely, she was looking for an employer who would give her the opportunity to work with quality.

Her placement at Procudan gave her such an opportunity, but only some of the time. Most of the work she did was actually in product development.


Fluidity and the unexpected are good things

This turned out to be a really good match, regardless of her initial motivation, both for Procudan, who got a talented and motivated intern, but also for Lema Sadati herself, who discovered that she has a talent for development.

- I don't know why, but working to develop new products just suits me really well. Perhaps this is because it is a more fluid process, which can take you to some unexpected places. I would never have discovered this about myself if I had been in a quality laboratory full-time, she explains.

She started as an intern at Procudan's laboratory in August 2022 where working on product quality is one of the important tasks. This was also the case for Lema Sadati, but her main focus was the development of ProCera® cheese wax.


A cheese wax community

Cheese wax was an almost unknown commodity to Lema last year. But according to her own words, she now knows everything there is to know about it, and about the many analytical methods that are applied when testing it.

The professional community at the laboratory was also a very important part of her internship at Procudan.

If a wax contains ingredients that exceed the permitted limits, then we have to do what we can to fix the problem. And this quickly becomes a shared task where we discuss the various possibilities until we come up with a solution. There is always something that you can do to make small improvements, either to the product, or to our processes at the laboratory.

She hopes to be able to continue on a similar track after she has finished her exams; working on development as part of a community of professionals.

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