A new garden for our 40,000 colleagues

The industrial estate in Kolding west will be seeing even more colour and life.

Earlier this year, we were able to announce on this website that Procudan was to see the sudden arrival of 40,000 new colleagues.

This sounded a bit bonkers and when you look at those kind of numbers, it probably still does. Luckily, all these new colleagues are rather tiny as they happen to be bees and have been given a home of their very own, which means that we won’t be finding ourselves running out of space any time soon.

Our bee colleagues are now part of Procudan and are fitting in very well as they are social creatures who like to work together to produce something of value.
Beekeeping is also part of a food tradition which has served very much as a basis for Procudan’s very existence.


Our industry is blossoming

Like all other creatures, bees need to be able to find something to eat, so the industrial estate in Kolding west will be seeing even more flowers than before.

Earlier this year, part of the district was planted as a floral meadow. During the autumn, we also planted a garden with flowering perennial plants and bushes.

The floral meadow produced quite a buzz during the summer season. It was visited not only by bees, but by the hover flies and butterflies which also winged their way over to look for something to eat.

We expect the same to happen with the new flower garden we have planted between our buildings, which we will be able to observe from our office windows.

Find out more here about our ESG.

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